What can deep learning be defined as?This is for my Psychology class, and i need to know ASAP! Thanks, Chikazu

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Deep learning is characterized by the following:

Real-life connections

Relevance to the learner

Low Affective Filter (emotional blockage down)

Motivational settings based on short and long term goals

Consistent exposure to related terminology

Analysis of technique and strategy

Making connections to self, and world

Being the center of the teaching

Exploring alternative ways to problem solve the same situation.

Finding patterns and connecting detail


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Not surprisingly, deep learning is a kind of learning that allows the learner to really understand things rather than just knowing a definition (that would be "surface learning").

Someone doing deep learning would actively try to understand new material by thinking about it and by trying to connect it to things he or she already knew.

This is in contrast to surface learning.  In this kind of learning the person tries to do the minimum possible work.  They just try to memorize facts without trying to understand any connections between those facts.


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um... it is beyond just knowing, it is understanding and relating to the thing you are learning XP

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