How do you develop the body aspects of an essay on the disadvantages and advantages of sports> please help. my essay is basically about the advantages and disadvantages of sports. however, im...

How do you develop the body aspects of an essay on the disadvantages and advantages of sports> 

please help. my essay is basically about the advantages and disadvantages of sports. however, im currently working on the intro and need a good thesis to start of the esay well

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carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The topic is broad.  When writing an essay unless your assignment is contrast/comparison essay,  the disadvantages of sports and the advantages of sports are topics that should be separate papers. 

For example, the thesis might state: Collegiate sports provide the student athlete with several advantages.

Body Points:

A. The athlete has a built in support system.

B. Under the blanket of a coaching staff and athletic program, the student will be able to maintain his grades and become better organized in his study habits.

C. Scholarships provide the athlete with security of not working about the financial aspects of his college career.

On the other hand, the thesis for the disadvantages of sports might state: College sports include several disadvantages for the athlete.

A.  Less time to spend on his studies and actual education

B. Limited freedom because of athletic program restrictions

C. The danger of an athlete being hurt at anytime while playing the sport

Each of these areas need to have supporting information.  Ancedotes, statistics, expert opinions, athletes opinions--these are necessary under each body point to prove your argument.

Look at the "disadvantage thesis,  point B." 

1. Find a story of an athlete who although talented was restricted from playing until he brought his grades to the standard for the athletic department and the university.

2. Research for statistics about how many athletes must have to dropout because of poor grades.

3. Find an authority on the lack of  study time for the athletes and how its impact have left students struggling.

Each of your body points would be developed using a similar pattern.   

If your assignment is contrast and comparison, then the body would follow this pattern:

The college athlete will find a  strong support system in the athletic department.(Advantage)

Unfortunately,  the athlete often will become disenchanted by his lack of support. (Disadvantage)

Each paragraph would contain the two opposing ideas or one paragraph devoted to each point.  Then the next two paragraphs dealing with the opposing ideas. The rest of the body paragraphs would follow the same  steps.

Research is the key to proving your points. Find more than enough information. There is never a limit in how much material to use. Another suggestion  would be to write the body paragraphs first; then,  write the introduction to fit the essay. Write the introduction and conclusion after concentrating  on the body paragraphs: the meat of the essay.  Do not forget to document anything that you have borrowed from a source.

rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A good thesis statement that argued for both the advantages and the disadvantages of sports might look at the effects that professional and major college sports have on American society. On the one hand, they employ many people and give communities and the nation as a whole a great deal of enjoyment. They can also provide positive role models for young people, as professional athletes have had to work very hard to achieve the fame and fortune that they have. On the other, professional athletes are exorbitantly paid, the facilities they play in are often financed with taxpayer dollars at a time when many municipalities struggle to make payroll for police and fire departments, and many athletes are not, once they have achieved fame and fortune, very good role models.