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What can communities do to reduce their number of larcenies? 

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Larceny is a broad category of crime that basically involves any action in which one person takes another’s property (intending to deprive the owner of that possession permanently) without violence.  This makes it different from robbery, which involves violence or the threat of violence.  This means that larceny can include such diverse crimes as stealing a car, defrauding someone by lying to them, and burglarizing a home.  Of course, communities will need to take different actions to prevent different kinds of larceny.

For many kinds of larceny, the main thing that a community can do is to try to educate its people.  This is particularly true of fraud.  A community cannot control what is said on telephone calls or emails.  Therefore, it cannot prevent fraudsters from trying to trick community members.  What it can do is to alert community members to potential types of fraud.  When police or other authorities learn of a given type of fraud, they can spread the word through media and social organizations so that people will be alert and not get deceived.

For other kinds of larceny, such as burglaries, communities can set up such things as neighborhood watch programs.  These programs can deter larceny by making it harder to get away with committing the crime. 

Most kinds of larceny, then, can be attacked by education and/or by having community members work together to be more vigilant and to report potential crimes to the police.

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