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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

High blood pressure is a widespread health issue in developed countries, and one reason for this is that stress associated with urban living is a factor in high blood pressure. Some people have a genetic predisposition towarsd elevated blood pressure Dietary factors also loom large: high sodium intake execerbates high blood pressure, and those who suffer from this condition are usually instructed by their physicians to avoid high salt content in foods. Emotional distress caused by lifestyle conditions also worsens high blood pressure: those in high-stress jobs, who have difficult commutes to work, who have difficult domestic situations, can all suffer from high blood pressure. Caffeine intake or the consumptin of amphetamines cause an accelerated heart rate, and this in turn can be a factor in raising blood pressure. Some medications and supplements in combination with different foods can cause a spike in blood pressure: for example, St. John's Wort can cause elevated blood pressure when consumed with wine, smoked meats, coffee or feremtned foods. Finally, being significantly overwight can worsen high blood pressure, as added weight makes simple motion and everyday activities more stressful for the body ad results in increased blood pressure rates. 

spacemanspiff | Student

High blood pressure can be caused due to various reasons. These involve:

1) prolonged periods of high stress

2) diet containing high fat

3) smoking

4) alcohol consumption


All of the above will lead to high blood pressure because they will cause cholestrol to build-up in the arteries. When cholestrol builds up in the arteries, it constricts the area that blood can flow in. Therefore, as the area has been constricted, and the pressure of blood being pumped out of the heart is constant, there will be high blood pressure in the arteries. When this condition is not treated medically or through a change in diet and lifestyle, it will cause high blood pressure.