What can best be described about John's character in "The Painted Door", by Sinclair Ross?My assignment is to do an analysis of John ("The Painted Door")

Expert Answers
sostrowski eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John's character is most simply described as a dull, ironically simple man.  He is perfectly content with tending to his farm, and believes that he can make the people in his life, particularly his wife Ann, happy by doing his work and 'bringing home the bacon.' However, one of John's main flaws, and his ultimate downfall in his relationship with Ann is his inability to pay attention to the people around him. 

qhenrickson | Student

John is dull, yes. But his devotion to Ann is unquestionable. He gave up his youth for her. In the story he has a feeling that something is no right but when he asks her she says to ''pay her no mind'' witch is like saying "fine" in our day and age. This story is just as much about John as it is Ann. even in the end he sacrificed himself for her because he thought that that was what she wanted. John single minded devotion to his wife is what Ann needs; and she realizes that in the end.