What can an empty boot symbolize that a person wearing boots cannot in Eleanor Antin's 100 Boots series? Art 21 is a show which highlights contemporary artists and their work. This particular episode discusses humor in art. This question is based on their interview with Eleanor Antin, the first artist highlighted in this episode. Many of the Art 21 episodes are on Hulu right now. Please follow this link to see the episode http://video.pbs.org/video/1239552786/ After viewing the interview with Eleanor Antin please answer the question.

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An empty boot, like the ones in Eleanor Antin 100 Boots series, can be a character.  It can be an entity.  Even when Antin arranges the boots in pairs, it feels like each boot is a member of the crowd.  An empty boot can be personified, while a boot on a foot cannot.  Whenever a human figure is in the picture it totally takes over.  The boots would just be a thing that a person or 50 people were wearing.  When they stand alone, they carry with them that element of humor that the Art 21 episode is about.  The piece titled 100 boots out of a job is hilarious; a picture of 50 actual people out of a job would be sad, scary, and pitiful.

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