What can be 5 sub-topics on a research paper on William Golding?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

William Golding has always fascinated me.  I think he would be an interesting topic.  You are going to want to focus on what influenced his famous book Lord of the Flies.  I would divide your report into these sections.

Early Life

Like it or not, a person’s formative years are childhood.  I would be very curious about Golding’s childhood, given his depiction of children in this book!  This would include his early education.

He was educated at an academically sound but unprestigious state-funded grammar school and at Brasenose College, University of Oxford. (enotes biography)

This is an interesting point.  He seems to have been well educated, but he did not go to school with the upper class kids.  This might have influenced his views of childhood.

Acting and Teaching Career

One of the most interesting things about Golding is that he had training as an actor, and he was a teacher.  He was actually involved in most aspects of theater.

Writing Career

Golding is best known for Lord of the Flies, but it was not his only published work.  You will want to explore and compare the others.

Lord of the Flies

Analyze how his childhood affected his most famous work.

Critics’ Reactions

How was his book received?  Fortunately, enotes can help you with this.