What are the calculations to prepare 10mL of a 0.2 M 2-butenedioic acid (C4H404)?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The molarity of a solution refers to the concentration of solute in the solution. If there is 1 mole of solute dissolved in 1 liter of the solution, it is said to have a molarity of 1.

To prepare 10 mL of a 0.2 M solution of 2-butenedioic acid (C4H4O4), the calculations involved could be the determination of how many moles and how many grams of 2-butenedioic acid is required.

As the solution has molarity 0.2, 1 liter of the solution has 0.2 moles of the acid. 10 mL of the solution has 0.2*(10/1000) = 0.002 moles of the acid.

2-butenedioic acid (C4H4O4) has a molecular mass of 116. The mass of 0.002 moles is 0.232 g.

To prepare 10 mL of 0.2 M solution, 0.002 moles or 0.232 g of the acid is required.

udonbutterfly | Student

I will assume you are looking for grams that will be needed to prepare the acid.

First you are going to have to turn the 10ml in L since the equation for Molarity is M=mol/L and we need to find mols so...

10mLx(1mL/1000L) =  0.01L Now plug into the equation

0.20 M C4H404 = x mol/ 0.01L Now multiply 0.01L on both sides

0.002 mole C4H404= x mol Since we have mols now we have to find the amount of grams need so calculate the molar mass of the entire compound.

x mol =grams/molar mass Plug in!

0.0002 mole C4H404= x grams/ 116g Multiply on both sides

x grams =0.232g and  there you have the amount of grams need to prepare C4H404