What if Caesar had not gone to the Senate that day?What if Caesar had not gone to the Senate that day? What would the plotters have done? Would they have killed him at home?

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This is an interesting but tough question. If Caesar had avoided a situation where he was isolated from those loyal to him, things could have gone very differently.

There is a chance that word of the conspiracy would have leaked to Caesar and he would have been able to summon soldiers to quell the senate rebellion and declare himself emperor.

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It's hard to say for sure.  The conspirators had a well formulated and organized plan in mind for ambushing him at the Capitol.  They left no stone unturned in terms of their plans to distract anyone who might stop their operation, get Caesar in the right place at the right time, and attack him one after the other.  If Caesar would have stayed home, all those plans would have been spoiled.  He may have had plenty of security on guard at his home because of all the conern about his life.  For these reasons, it's hard to imagine the conspirators would have attempted such a disorganized, unplanned attack.  They would have either had to re-group and postpone their plans for another day or think of a new plan.  I believe the group of conspirators would have dissolved as the tension it was putting on them was obviously extreme.  Some would likely have been worried that their plan had been disclosed and distrust probably would have arisen among them.  This may have caused the conspirators to disban and Caeser to live on to rule Rome for several more years.

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