What is C54 H100 O7 ?   

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The molecular formula, C54 H100 O7, is the formula for castor oil. Castor oil is obtained from castor beans through mechanical pressing and solvent extraction. The oil recovered is then refined and decolored. Castor oil is a pale, transparent liquid with a mild odor but acrid taste. It is used in manufacturing a variety of things including salad/cooking oil, margarine, soap, animal feed, lubricants, and paints. It has a molecular weight of 861.3676 g/mol. It has a boiling point of 313 degrees Celsius and a freezing point of -10 degrees Celsius.

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C54 H100 O7 is the forumula for several chemicals. Many oils and waxes have the same formula. For an example the C54 H100 O7 you asked about could be one of meny poly unsturated fats like found in Vegetable oil, or it could be parafin wax or as jgeertz states caster oil