In A Christmas Carol, what business is Joe in and who is the woman to whom he is speaking?  

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joe runs a pawn shop. He buys items from anyone who brings him something that he thinks he can resell at a profit for himself. Joe's shop is as rundown and decrepit as many of the items he has for sale; the persons who bring goods to him are desparate for money and will take whatever he will give them. "Sitting in among the wares he dealt in, by a charcoal stove, made of old bricks, was a grey-haired rascal, nearly seventy years of age."

The charwoman, who had probably done the cleaning and cooking for Scrooge, presented her goods stolen from the dead man's house first. "Sheets and towels, a little wearing apparel, two old-fashioned teaspoons, a pair of sugar-tongs, and a few boots."

The other woman was the laundress, the woman who had done Scrooge's laundry. She brought the curtains, blankets, and  a shirt, in which someone thought Scrooge would be buried. "It's the best he had, and a fine one too. They'd have wasted it, if it hadn't been for me."