What is a Burmese Tiger pit in "The Most Dangerous Game"?    

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In Richard Connell's short story "The Most Dangerous Game," General Zaroff and Rainsford, two well-trained hunters, square off in a hunt to the death. Zaroff is the hunter, and Rainsford is the game. It takes three days of playing Zaroff's weird and deadly game to finally come to an end. On day two, though, Rainsford prepares a Burmese Tiger pit with the hopes of trapping his hunter and ending it all sooner than later. Connell describes how the pit is created so the reader can get an idea of what it includes. First, Rainsford dug until the pit was higher than his shoulders; then, he cut and sharpened sticks into stakes; third, "these stakes he planted in the bottom of the pit with the points sticking up"; and finally, he wove together weeds and branches to cover the opening. All he had to do next was sit and wait for Zaroff to come by, fall in the pit, and give up. Unfortunately, only a dog was killed and not Zaroff. Yet, it is interesting to see that Rainsford knew how to construct such a deadly pit. The stakes at the bottom and the woven carpet-like covering over the top are key elements to is construction and effectiveness.

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