what is the buried onions rising action?and also what is its climax and rising action?

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rising action begins after the characters and setting are introduced as well as the situation of the story. To find climax, I always tell my students to look for the point when the main conflict is resolved, and the climax usually occurs just before that. Everything that occurs between the exposition (introduction) up to the climax is the rising action. After Eddie decides to join the military, he walks into a field of onions and sees a worker toiling in the fields. He falls down in tears, leaving his past and his childhood behind. This is the climax, but why? This is where Eddie stops being a child and becomes a man. He realizes the pain of his ancestors in trying to survive, but even more, he feels the pain of those in the barrios who are trying to survive now and those who will try to survive in the future. "I saw Jesus on the ground, then Angel over him. I saw my palms blood-red from all the city wars—those in the past, those now, and those to come when every homie would raise a fist to his brother.... [My] eyes filled and then closed on the last of childhood tears."