What was Britain's imperial policy towards the American colonies before 1760, and how did it change after that time?

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The British had colonies in North America since the 1600s. There were several reasons for establishing these colonies. The main goals of the British government were to benefit from the colonies economically and politically. There were a series of laws passed that were designed to control trade so that British industries could profit from the colonies. Certain products could only be bought from British companies, and trade had to be done on British ships. However, the British were very lax regarding the enforcement of these regulations. Smuggling was common, and the British did little about it.

Around 1760, things began to change. Partially because of the French and Indian War, the colonies were becoming more expensive to run. Great Britain realized they could increase their revenue if they started to enforce the laws that already existed and if they passed new laws. Thus, after the French and Indian War ended, the British passed a series of laws that impacted the colonies and that dealt...

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