What is a brief summary of the poem "Leili" written by Sarojini Naidu?

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Sarojini Naidu often wrote poetry that described the state of the natural world around her as she does in the poem "Leili."  Entitling the poem “Leili,” she gives the reader a clue as to the time of day she is writing about because the word means nocturnal. The poet describes how the snakes are sleeping in the flowers, the fireflies are providing light to the panthers who hunt nocturnally, and she speaks of the parrot flower being brighter than the end of the day. Evening is enveloping her world.

She alludes to the Hindu religion when she describes the caste-mark on the “azure brows of Heaven.” The caste-mark is seen on the brow of people who worship the tenets of Hinduism. Naidu describes the moon and the wind before she admonishes the reader to be quiet and listen. Evening prayers can be heard in the distance where the gods will receive “their incense –offering.”

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