What is a brief summary of Ireland's political climate as of now?

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There is certainly less violence in Ireland of late than in recent decades as there is peace between Protestants and Catholics.  Because of the futility of the situation in the conflict between these two groups, negotiations began; now, after years of these negotiations, there is a peace. 

"The Troubles" as this turbulent period in modern Irish history is called, began in the 1960s and ended around 1998 with the Belfast "Good Friday Agreement."  "The Troubles" had both political and military aspects as politicians and political activists were involved on both sides, republican and loyalist paramilitaries and the security forces of the United Kingdom and of the Republic of Ireland.

With the "Good Friday Agreement," the British government recognized for the first time that the government of Ireland had a right to govern on its own.  On May 8, 2007, devolved government returned to Ireland; DUP [Democratic Unionist Party] leader Ian Paisley and Sein Fein's [IRA's political wing] Martin McGuinness took office as First Minister and First Deputy Minister respectively.

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