What is Brian's plan to land the plane?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the fear that is driving Brian at this point, there is no exact and specific plan that he formulates.  Brian is grasping at ideas to formulate some course of action because of being so overwhelmed by the situation.  One part of this "plan" is the idea to land the plane in a clear landing area of the forest.  Brian understands that the clear landing area is the only chance he has to make a bad situation a bit better.  Before this, his plan is to make contact with ground control so that they might be able to offer some help.  It comes to no avail, and when the plane's engine sputters, Brian realizes that he has to take that particular moment to negotiate landing the plane in a clear area of the forest.  As he tries to navigate his descent, Brian sees a  “a channel of fallen trees, a wide place leading to the lake.”  This is where his plan to land the plan ends up happening.  For Brian, this becomes an example of how his plans converge with some degree of luck that enable him to survive.  In seeing the open space to land the plane, Brian is able to negotiate the elements as best as he can in order to survive.