What brave things does Dallas Winston do in the book? please explain.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dally Winston was a hard-edged thug with an attitude.  According to Ponyboy, the greaser had a "record with the fuzz a mile long" (95).  Despite his rough exterior, Dally had moments of selflessness and bravery in The Outsiders.   Johnny once described Dally as being "gallant" for taking a police sentence meant for Two-bit; the word 'gallant' is a synonym for brave, but carries the connotation of the kind of bravery associated with chivalry and knights. 

Dally's most profound moment of bravery occurred when he climbed through the church window to rescue Johnny who had been caught by a falling timber in the fire.  At first, Dally wanted nothing to do with the fire and told Ponyboy that he would beat his head in if he went over there, but that all changed when Dally saw that his friends were in danger.  His selfish attitude burned away in the face of the fire  First,  Dally helped Ponyboy out the window, knocking him to the ground when he saw that his jacket was burning; then, Dally plunged through the window to rescue fallen Johnny, even though the entire roof of the church was collapsing around him. 
Dally may have had many faults, but cowardice was not one of them.

ik9744 | Student

Knock the fire out on.Ponyboy’s back.