What is William Bradford's "The History of Plymouth Plantation" about?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This book was written by William Bradford, who governor of the Plymouth Colony for over 30 years.  The Plymouth Colony is the colony that was founded by the famous Pilgrims, who came to America in 1620.  In the book, Bradford tells the story of the founding of the colony and its subsequent history.

Bradford starts his story with the Pilgrims' desire to leave Holland and come to America so they could live by the rules of their Puritan faith.  He discusses the hardships of the voyage on the Mayflower and of the early "starving time" after the colony was established.  He then continues the narrative through the first Thanksgiving and the rest of the colonies early history.  The account ends in 1647.


parama9000 | Student

It tells the story of the development of the Plymouth colony and the history of the colony. The account spans all the way to 1647. The most crucial event in the book is the first Thanksgiving that occurred in the colony.

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