What are the boys' activities in novel Lord of the Flies?

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When they aren’t eating or swimming, the boys spend most of their time hunting, minding the fire, and building structures.

The boys are disorganized and dysfunctional.  Even though Ralph tries to give them leadership, they rarely listen to him.  Ralph’s first priority is the fire, so that they can use the smoke as a signal for planes and passing ships.  They try to have some boys watching it at all times, but boys often abandon their posts or fall asleep.

When the boys try to do something practical like build shelters, they mostly just argue and fight.  They have trouble sticking with anything long enough to get it done, and more often than not some of the boys just wander off. 

The principal activity of the island for the littleuns is eating and playing that is “aimless and trivial” such as building sand castles.

They ate most of the day, picking fruit where they could reach it and not particular about ripeness and quality. They were used now to stomach-aches and a sort of chronic diarrhoea. (ch 4)

The older boys and Jack’s boys are more interested in hunting than anything else.  The pigs are their principal recreation.  Although there is not much meat from crabs or fish, the pig is not just for sustenance.  The boys have started to enjoy killing.  This is just another example of the deterioration of their society.