What are Boxer's character traits in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Boxer is a kindhearted horse. He is very strong and powerful, but gentle. He is unquestioningly devoted to the rebellion, Animal Farm, and Napoleon, and formulates a new mantra in the wake of the revolution: "I will work harder." Later this becomes "Napoleon is always right," making Boxer a measure of the way the revolution changes as the pigs seize control. In terms of Orwell's allegory, Boxer can be thought of as a hard-working peasant or working-class man who asks few questions but rather works himself to death in support of leaders who do not value his sacrifice. When Boxer gets old, he is sent to the horse slaughterer, a pivotal point in the book. Because Old Major had warned Boxer that Jones would eventually have him destroyed in this manner, his demise demonstrates the extent to which the pigs have become corrupt.