In The Revolt of "Mother," what bothers the daughter about the lack of space in her own home?

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In The Revolt Of Mother, Nanny Penn lives in an old barn-house with her parents, Adoniram and Sarah, and her little brother, Sammy. Nanny is about to be married to George Eastman, and the wedding will likely be held in the old house.

Even though the barn-house is small, there are some things which make Nanny apprehensive about being married in the parlor. As her mother describes to her father, the wall-paper is dirty and peeling off the walls and there is no carpeting on the floors. The master bedroom is so small that only a bed and a bureau can fit in it. The pantry is also small and ill-lit. Nanny and Sammy's bedrooms are 'unfinished chambers.'

So, the old barn-house looks to be in deplorable condition; Nanny feels ashamed that her new husband and her in-laws will have to step foot in such surroundings for the wedding. She asks her mother if they might be able to have the wedding in the new barn that her father is currently building. Her innocent inquiry gives her mother a great idea. When Nanny's father goes off to buy a horse, Nanny helps her mother and brother move their belongings into the new barn-house. The new barn is extremely spacious and well-built; its architectural possibilities ensure that Nanny will be married in grand ceremony on the day of her wedding.

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