What books should be followed to get through the NET exam for environmental sciences?

Expert Answers
suman1983 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To get through NET (National Eligibility Test) it is mandatory to study every possible aspect of a topic included in the syllabus. Therefore, it would not be a right approach if you are advised to follow a particular book. The syllabus of the subject is available in the UGC/CSIR website. It is advisable that you download and go through the syllabus. Questions of the previous years are not available – UGC only provides guidelines, which too are available in their website. Do go through the guideline and study every possible aspect of the topic included in the syllabus. A minute study from various resources is the one and only way to get through the NET exam.

revolution | Student

No books can really help you really ace the NET exam, it depends on how well you study and how SMART you study with it, simply studying for the whole day doesn't help matters, it will wear you down, and you will lose your concentration. Try and study the topics that you are weaker in first, the "easy-score-As" ones can be left at the end just for a refresher course. Go to their main website and see the guidelines on the structure of the exam paper, and also the main syllabus to get a brief idea on what you need to do. Make sure you get friends who had went through this paper before and ask them to share with you their experience in tackling the paper, the likely questions that might come out, or you can approach the teachers for advice. There are some websites that gives you a sample of past NET exam questions, so look out for them and try to ace these papers to gauge the difficulty level of the papers.