What books has Ellis Peters written?  

Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter) has written several books, specifically in the mystery and historical fiction genre. She's best known for her series of historical murder mysteries The Cadfael Chronicles.

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Ellis Peters is one of the pen names of Edith Mary Pargeter—an award winning and best-selling British novelist who wrote under several pseudonyms. Under the name Ellis Peters, Pargeter wrote the Brother Cadfael mysteries or The Cadfael Chronicles—a popular and critically acclaimed book series which was also adapted into a mystery television series. The series belongs in the historical fiction as well as the mystery genre and consists of 20 books, published from 1977 to 1988. Set in twelfth-century England, during the Anarchy period, the stories follow Cadfael—a just Welsh Benedictine monk with an inquisitive mind and mystery-solving adventures.

She also wrote the series of crime mystery novels known as The Felse Investigations or the Inspector Felse Mystery Series, which consists of 13 books published between 1951 and 1979. Set predominantly in rural England in the 1950s, the stories follow Detective Inspector George Felse and his family, who get involved in several crimes that Inspector Felse must solve.

Peters (Pargeter) also wrote several novels: Holiday with Violence (1952), Death Mask (1959), and Never Pick Up Hitch-Hikers! (1976), as well as The Horn of Roland (1974), which is a part of the omnibus known as Danger Money—The Romanov Succession—The Horn of Roland (also written by Mignon Good Eberhart and Brian Garfield), and the novels City of Gold and Shadows and Flight of a Witch (about DI Felse) and Funeral of Figaro (about DI Musgrave), which are a part of The Detective Omnibus (1992).

Finally, she wrote The Trinity Cat collection of stories, which was published in 2006, and Murder on Christmas Eve: Classic Mysteries for the Festive Season, originally published in 2017, which is compiled of stories written by several authors.

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