What books or films does Bless Me, Ultima mostly resemble?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Bless Me, Ultima there is an extended episode that mimics one from To Kill a Mockingbird

During a winter storm Antonio and his classmates put on a play which serves a mostly comical function in the text. Following the play at school, Antonio witnesses an attack on his way home. These circumstances closely parallel Scout's experiences at the end of Harper Lee's novel. 

In addition to this plot similarity, there are quite a few, significant thematic similarities between these books. From a retrospective narrative position, Scout recalls a specific two year period of her youth. Antonio does the same thing. Like Scout, Antonio's story includes his first two years of school.  

Scout shares moral lessons that she learns from her moral guru, Atticus, and Antonio does the same thing, relating lessons learned from Ultima. (Atticus and Ultima have quite a bit in common as well. Both are directly associated with qualities of sympathy, maturity, and compassion.) 

Finally, each work can be (and is often) described as a coming of age tale.