What books do you suggest for overcoming cocaine addiction?What books do you suggest for overcoming cocaine addiction?

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I would recommend books by Iyanla Vanzant. Her books don't just focus on addictions, but they focus on all types of damaging behavior and thoughts that may have led to addiction and other devastating behavior. Her books offer journaling tips, prayers, inspirational quotes, therapy advice, and other self-help techniques.

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I hope no one trying to overcome the addiction uses only a book! However, I think that the most promising would be biographies, to convince the person of the effecfs of cocaine on a life, and information about a drug that can be used to kick the addiction. It's not available in the United States because no drug company can make money off it. I'm sure there are books about this, but here's a link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibogaine
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One book on this topic that comes very highly recommended by actual readers who seem familiar with the addiction (whether from their own experiences or from the experiences of friends and relatives) is titled Broken, by William Cope Moyers. It receives an average 4-star rating (out of a possible) 5 from 73 reader-reviewers on Amazon.com. Reading reviews of books by such a wide variety of readers is often a valuable way to get a sense of the features, merits, and weaknesses of books.

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The materials published by Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are supposed to be some of the best for treating addiction.  You can find the NA materials free online on the NA website at this link: http://www.na.org/?ID=ips-eng-index. I would take a look at that since it is free and because NA has been around for a long time.  The main one should be the NA Basic Text, Sixth Edition.

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Treatment books can also be helpful to those dealing with substance abuse problems. One which I found is Cocaine Addiction: Treatment, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention by Arnold Washton. Other books which may help, outside of the ones mentioned above, are The Cocaine Chronicles (Jervey Trevalon) and Romance With Cocaine (M. Ageyey). The first offers true testimonials regarding life with the drug while the other offers a fictional story.

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This is an important question. There are so many books on this topic that you will need to be selective. I suggest that you read two types of books on this topic. First, you should read standard text books on this topic. Second, you should read recent academic books from reputable scholars or investigators. These recent books should furnish good bibliography and show you what the recent issues are. The best place to start is with a few modern books. Let me give you a few suggestions.

The first book you might want to explore is called, Cocaine Nation: How White Trade Took over the World. This book will give you a broad overview of the cocaine trade. It starts in the fields of Colombia and ends in the streets of New York. So, you really do get a snapshot of the whole trade.

For a more controversial book, you might want to take a look at: The Politics of Cocaine: How U.S. Foreign Policy has Created a Thriving Drug Industry in Central and South America. As the title suggestion, it will deal with US foreign policy.

For a more inside look, you can read: Kings of Cocaine: Inside the Medellin Cartel.

All of these books were published within the last few years. So, they are all recent. Use their bibliographies. Also if have access to an academic library, use academic databases to locate great articles on this topic. For examples, JSTOR would be a helpful database of many articles. Through key term searches, you should have more than enough.