What is the book Sister, Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey about?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In short, this story is about three African American women, "siblings" as they consider themselves, no doubt (hence the title), who have many adventures in love that cause them frustration as they deal with them in humor.  The women continually struggle with knowing what is right and (often) not having the will to DO what is right.

The three women are Valerie (a simple wife), Inda (a social worker always scheming to do something or other), and Chiquita (a flight attendant with a broken heart).  These three women all live in Los Angeles and commiserate together always.  Valerie is upset about her marriage to Walter after six years of feigned happiness.

It's hard loving somebody when they don't love you. Especially when you in the same house, in the same bed.

Still, Valerie remains that wife in submission to her husband.  Inda remains pessimistic about all men due to her divorce from a cheating husband.  When Inda meets Chiquita, they discover that BOTH of them have been wronged by Raymond. 

That accident made me think about when I saw my own momma get beat. A woman never forgot bullstuff like that. After I'd witnessed that with my own five-year-old eyes, I'd sworn that no lover man would ever touch me and live to tell about it. But I'd run away from my man as soon as I felt the pain.

Chiquita, of course, has her own issues.  Beaten as a child, the experience has affected her relationships with future lovers.  As Chiquita gets closer to the family, she falls in love with Brown.  

All sections have different points of view and told by different characters.  There are parts that are sassy and bold, parts that are sketchy, and parts that are flawed and certainly not omniscient; however, we can laugh at the humor and generosity applied so well in this novel.  

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