What is the book Sarah, Plain and Tall about?     

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sarah, Plain and Tall is about a family's attempts to move past the death of a mother.  Anna is the narrator and the eldest sibling between she and her brother, Caleb.  Anna misses her mother tremendously and feels a void in her life as well as in the life of her father, Jacob, who feels that it is a challenge to take care of both children.  He places an ad in the newspaper not for a caretaker, but for a wife.  This is how Sarah, plain and tall from Maine, enters the story.  There is a natural transition between the family that has been emotionally destabilized with the death of the mother to the full integration of Sarah within the family unit.  The novel explores the complex dynamic of how Sarah and the family meld their understandings of self and others into one.

anna47 | Student

Sarah, Plain and tall is about a little girl named Anna that lost her mother when she was born. Her brother needed some one to take care of him an love them. Jacob(the father or as they said papa) puts a ad in the newspaper for a wife. One lady named Sarah answered and told Jacob that she would come to there little house on the prairie. She told Jacob that he would notice her because she is plain and tall. Once she came home to the house, she met Anna(the oldest sibling) and Caleb(the youngest). They loved Sarah by the end of the story and they did not want her to leave. Sarah left for town and everyone did not know if she was coming back any time soon. Well,she did and they all were one big happy family!