How do you write a book review about Jane Eyre? Book Review

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When writing a book review about any book, there are a lot of choices.  Since this is not a new book, but a book that is a classic and has been well-read and well-loved, you have two choices: pretend you are Victorian or write as yourself.    In either case, you want to include:

  1. Title, author and publisher.  Number of pages is good too.
  2. A short summary (since this is a long book, 2 paragraphs will do).
  3. Quotations from the book.  These can show good use of language or just be your favorite ones.
  4. A recommendation to read the book or not read it, and who would enjoy it.

You could pretend you are living in Victorian England when the book came out, and try to write an old-fashioned review.  You might talk about how Charlotte Bronte is a promising young woman.  You might be appalled by her audacity at having a poor governess fall in love with and marry a rich man.  In either case, describe your favorite parts and include fun quotations.

Your second choice is to write the book review from your own perspective.  In that case, you could talk about how and why the book is a classic.

I have included some links to actual book reviews for this book, as well as a link on how to write a book review.


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