In The Giver, which books are allowed in every household?Do they have a dictionary?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, they have a dictionary.  This is probably a result of their belief in the importance of having precise use of language.  Though, we can probably assume that their dictionary is different than the ones you have access to today.  For example, I wonder if their dictionary has emotional words in it?  Or if it accurately portrays those emotions?  What about words like war, or peace, or violence?  Possibly not included.  The households in the community are allowed to have books created by the community, such as the dictionary and a rule/guidebook.  But they do not have access to literary works; only the Giver has these.  Again, this is probably to prevent them from understanding too much about what their world could be like, if it were run differently.  For the Giver, literature helps him to understand the emotions and memories he receives; but for other people, this might cause confusion and/or distress.

gbgirl333 | Student

Yes. A Dictionary, A Community Volume, And A Book Of Rules