What is the book Macbeth really about? I am doing a project on Macbeth and I'd like to know what it is about in my own words.

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In your own words? Well, you may need to figure that out for yourself :)

You can read the text of the play right here on eNotes, then you can take a look at the summaries, which will help you to understand the action. If your teacher asks for something "in your own words" there is no substitute for that.


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In short, Macbeth is about a man quest for success, which he does it by underhand means by murder and killing people. He begins his reign racked with guilt and fear but later on, he becomes a tyrannical and totalitarian ruler, as he committed more murders to protect himself and save his throne. These bloodshed prove a breaking point as he become more cruel and outrageous to a point that it leads him to his death