What is the book "Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer" by Phil Chalmers about?

Expert Answers
sarah-beth eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer by Phil Chalmers is a book that explores the mindset of teenagers that commit violent crimes, notably school shootings. Chalmers interviewed teens currently serving time in prison for violent offenses in order to get a deeper understanding of their actions. The book tackles questions that ask why some teenagers choose to hurt people and offers solutions about what can be done to stop it from continuing.  

Specifically, Chalmers looks at violent video games, gun control, and bullying among other items related and possibly correlated with teen violence. Chalmers discusses what a parent can do to keep their child safe from their potentially violent peers, as well as early warning signs to look out for in their own children.

Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer is written to be educational, but also to be an influence for a safer future. On the very first page of the book, Chalmers states:

I wrote this book with only one thing in mind--change. My hope is that the research and studies I have compiled during the last two decades can create positive change; educate law enforcement, youth workers, teachers, and parents about warning signs in potentially violent teens, and hopefully save many innocent lives.