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The book that Montag "becomes" at the end of the novel is the Book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible, which was the book that he stole from the woman's house at the beginning of the story. After killing Beatty, Montag runs through the streets to Faber's house who advises him to escape to the countryside and find the exiles who live there, whom he calls the "book lovers."

When he approaches a campfire in the countryside, the leader of the exiles, Granger, explains that each of them have memorized a book and the knowledge within, and they will use the knowledge to help rebuild society with the time comes. Montag explains that he has partially memorized the book of Ecclesiastes, and he is accepted to live among the exiles until they return to the ruined city to commence their work.

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In Part 3, Montag manages to escape the authorities and flee the dystopian city by floating down the river and hiking into the wilderness. As Montag is walking through the forest, he sees a small campfire and approaches the group of men sitting around the fire. Montag learns that the group of men are traveling intellectuals, who preserve knowledge by remembering entire books verbatim. When Granger asks Montag what he has to offer, Montag tells him that he recalls bits and pieces of the Book of Ecclesiastes and Revelation. When Montag mentions that he has forgotten almost everything that he has read, Granger assures him that they have developed a method for recalling anything that has been read once. After the dystopian city is destroyed by an atomic bomb, Montag walks toward the ashes and recalls several verses from the Book of Ecclesiastes and the Book of Revelation. Montag will utilize the method developed by Simmons and the other traveling intellectuals to remember those two specific books of the Bible and eventually record them for survivors to read while they begin to rebuild a literate society.

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At the end of "Fahrenheit 451" we read that Montag has escaped from the firemen and the mechanical hounds.  He finds himself in the middle of a group of "book people."  Each person in the forest has committed to memory a specific book so that when the day arrived for the freedom of books, they would be able to re-write and share their book.  Montag became part of the "Holy Bible."  Montag was "Ecclesiastes" from the Old Testament.

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