What book does Marlow find in the reed hut in the jungle? How does he feel when he puts the book away? Why?

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The book Marlowe finds in the hit is a book about seamanship: An Inquiry Into Some Points of Seamanship , by an author whose name he cannot quite make out—perhaps Towson, or Tower. Marlowe is amazed to find the book, and reads it avidly, even though its subject matter is extremely dry. The book is important because it is an artifact from civilization, evidence that there are ways of thinking and being that are not influenced by the jungle. As he says, “at the first glance you could see there a singleness of intention, an honest concern for the right way of going to work, which made these humble pages, thought out so many years ago, luminous with another than a professional light.” It is the certainty and expertise of the author, the “rightness” of his approach to work, that strikes Marlowe. The honesty of the manual stands in stark contrast to the ”unknowable” nature of the jungle, or of the river, which is treacherous to navigate and full of hidden obstacles. In that...

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