In "Dear Mr. Henshaw", what book did Leigh like that he wanted to tell Mr. Henshaw about?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book is entitled, Ways to Amuse a Dog. 

When Leigh Botts is in the second grade, his teacher reads Ways to Amuse a Dog to the class, and Leigh likes it so much he begins to write to the book's author, Mr. Henshaw.  In third grade, Leigh reads the book himself - "it is the first thick book with chapters that (he) (has) read" (December 3).  In the fourth grade, Leigh makes a diorama about the book, and in the fifth grade, he gives a book report on it, which "the class liked...(and) (he) got an A-" (October 2).  Ways to Amuse a Dog is definitely Leigh's favorite book for a long time, and throughout his early elementary school years, he writes to the author several times about it.

By the time Leigh is in the fifth grade, Mr. Henshaw has written another book called Moose on Toast.  Leigh likes this book as well, "almost as much as Ways to Amuse a Dog" (November 7).