In what book and chapter of the "Twilight" saga does Rosalie Hale say: "Over my pile of ashes?"

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so many great quotes in these novels.  All of the dialogue is so well written.  It not only helps you learn the personalities of the characters, but it also helps break the tension in some of the more dramatic situations the characters find themselves in.  Bella and Rosalie have a lot of emotional baggage between them.  In “Breaking Dawn” chapter 10 page 186 Rosalie Hale states, “over my pile of ashes.”  This is the part of the book that is told from Jacob’s point of view.  Bella is pregnant with Edward’s baby and the pregnancy is killing her.

ashleeh | Student

I want to say Breaking Dawn. Because they want to get rid of Bella's baby and Roaslie won't allow it.

amdis | Student

Rosalie says "over my pile of ashes" in the final book Breaking Dawn on page 186 in chapter 10.... when edward asks everyone to leave the room so Bella and Jacob can talk alone. Rosalie says this because she is over-protective because she cares only about the child Bella is carrying.

tggirl | Student

"Over my pile of ashes"

Thats in the fourth book when Jacoob goes to visit Bella. But im not sure about the exact chapter.