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Bearstone, written by Will Hobbs in 1989, tells the story of Cloyd Atcitty, a fourteen-year-old Ute Native American. This coming of age story touches on themes of courage, loyalty, and trust as Cloyd tries to discover himself and his heritage. Cloyd is a troubled youth who regularly skips school and runs away from the group home where he lives. As a result, the housemother of the group home sends him to spend the summer with her old friend, an elderly rancher who lives in Colorado.

While hiking around the cliffs above the ranch, Cloyd finds a turquoise carving of a bear in a cave. He knows that bears are important to the Ute people and keeps it, hoping that it will give him strength. He works hard on the ranch, but when he sees a trophy hunter come back with a dead bear, his anger takes over, and he cuts down some of Walter’s prized peach trees, as well as the fence posts that he helped Walter place.

Walter then takes Cloyd into the mountains to reopen an abandoned gold mine. While...

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