What were the Bolsheviks responsible for?

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The Bolsheviks were responsible for establishing a communist regime in Russia. There were two revolutions in Russia in 1917.  Both were in response to the growing dissatisfaction with Russia's role and performance in World War I as well as food and fuel shortages.  The first revolution in February and March resulted in the installation of a Provisional Government that was democratic in nature.  This government could not handle the economic and military challenges of the day and was replaced by the Bolsheviks in a bloodless revolution in late October.  The Bolsheviks were led by Vladimir Lenin and believed in Marxism. They organized the workers and hoped to have a society in which the workers managed the economy as a whole.  The Bolsheviks would go on to win a five-year civil war with the White Army (those that supported the Provisional Government) and other factions within Russia.  This civil war was not bloodless like the November Revolution was.  The Bolsheviks evolved into the Communist Party of Russia.

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