In The Outsiders, what is Randy's real problem according to Bob?

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While Ponyboy and Two-Bit are enjoying their Cokes from the Tasty Freeze, Randy Adderson and his Soc friends arrive in a blue Mustang. Randy then asks to speak with Ponyboy, and the two boys have an insightful conversation. Randy tells Ponyboy that he is sick of all the violence and is still upset about his friend's death. Randy mentions to Ponyboy that Bob Sheldon's parents spoiled him rotten and let him get away with anything. Randy believes that Bob's real problem was that his parents were too lenient and never set any boundaries or limits for their son. Randy tells Ponyboy that the only thing Bob wanted was for his parents to tell him 'No.' Bob's parents believed that his negative behavior and transgressions were their fault and never held their son responsible for his actions. Randy thinks that if Bob's parents would have disciplined him better, he would still be alive. 

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Like many of the Socs in The Outsiders, Bob is "spoiled rotten" by his parents. He is good-looking, has lots of money, a nice car, expensive clothes and plenty of rings on his fingers. He also has Cherry Valance, a beautiful cheerleader, as a girlfriend. He has no curfew to observe and there seems to be no limit to what he and his Soc friends will do when they spot a few outnumbered greasers on the streets. But it is precisely this lack of supervision and limits set by his parents that Bob most desires, according to Randy. When Randy meets up with Ponyboy at the Tasty Freeze, he explains that Bob only wanted his parents to

"... say "No," and they never did... To have somebody lay down the law, set the limits, give him something solid to stand on."

Randy says that Bob would still be alive if "his old man had belted him--just once."

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