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Blue Haven's a pretty tough character. But as one of the biggest gangsters in Harlem, he needs to be. The man has a menacing, intimidating air about him that is entirely in keeping with his ruthless reputation. With his street smarts, connections, and wide experience in running scams, he seems just the right man to partner with Theo in his prospective bootlegging venture.

Blue likes to portray himself as a militant champion of black liberation. He forms an organization called the Harlem De-Colonization Association, set up to drive white-owned businesses out of the neighborhood. But it's really just a gigantic shakedown operation. Black-owned businesses in Harlem are closing down because they're being squeezed by Blue and his goons. This mysterious, slippery crime lord is cynically using the language of black liberation as a cover for the consolidation of his vast criminal empire. Ultimately, Blue Haven sees his community as nothing more than a handy resource to be used and exploited for financial gain.

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