What does Sherlock do with the person who stole the blue carbuncle? The blue carbuncle . The adventure of Sherlock holmes

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James Ryder's not exactly a master criminal. He's certainly not in the same league as Moriarty—that's for sure. He's really just an opportunist who saw his chance and took it. As an attendant working at the Hotel Cosmopolitan, he just couldn't help himself when he laid eyes on the Countess's marvelous diamond, the Blue Carbuncle. Having done so, he was sure that no one would suspect him. After all, Ryder had an impeccable reputation; and, in any case, he knew that the finger of suspicion would be pointed at John Horner, an ex-con now working at the hotel as a plumber.

Before fencing the stolen diamond, Ryder tried to hide it by shoving it down the throat of one of his sister's geese. But when the time comes...

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