What is blood? What are the types, the composition, and what is RHOGAM ?

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The blood is highly complex, liquid tissue composed of loose cells or formed elements and plasma. By volume, the blood is 55% plasma, and the remaining 45% formed elements or corpuscles. The formed elements have a specific gravity of 1.09 as compared with 1.03 for the plasma, thus accounting for their separation by centrifugation.

Blood grouping is based on the presence or absence of specific antigens located on the surface of the red blood cells. When an individual has only one of the antigens, the blood group is called A or B, depending on which it is present. When both are present, the blood type is known as AB and when both the antigens are absent, the blood group is designated by the letter O to indicate zero.

RHOgam refers to Rho immunoglobulin. RHOgam is an injectable blood product used to protect an Rh-positive fetus from antibodies produced by its Rh-negative mother. The injections are given at about 28 weeks in the pregnancy and immediately after delivery. With these injections, Rh-negative women can have safe Rh-positive pregnancies. 

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Blood is considered living tissue that contains numerous types of cells and proteins. It runs throughout the body carrying out functions which keeps your body alive and functioning. The four main types of blood are: A, B, AB,and O. How your type is determined has to do with genetics-your inheritance; which enzymes are presen and why. Blood types may combine together to form one of the sub groups. There are now 30 blood groups recognized.

Blood is mostly composed of living cells: Red cells which carry oxygen, wastes,hormones, heat, and food, White cells which fight finfection, and platelets which stop bleeding. Plasma is the liquid blood cells are suspended in, and it transports materials needed by cells. There is also serum proteins and lipids .

RHOGAM is probably referring to Rho(D) Immune Globulin. It is a a medication given byinjection that is used to prevent the immunological condition usually known as Rhesus disease.

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