What is blood agar? What is it used for?

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Payal Khullar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Agar or agar plate is nothing but a growth media composed of certain nutrients that allow the growth of microbial organisms needed for scientific experiments. A Blood Agar is a special and more complex kind of agar that is composed of the requisite rich nutrients along with blood. The blood (RBC only) is usually taken from animals like sheep and horse. Human Blood Agar (HuBA) is also used sometimes. Blood agar plates are used to culture those bacteria or microbes that do not grow easily. Such bacteria are called “fastidious” as they demand a special, enriched nutritional environment as compared to the routine bacteria. Blood agar is, predictably, red in colour and opaque. Besides being a rich base for the fastidious bacteria to grow, blood agar also has the function to help differentiate and classify bacteria into three types based on their hemolytic activity on the agar. They are alpha, beta and gamma-hemolytic bacteria. The gamma-hemolytic bacteria leave the RBC and the medium as it is (no hemolysis occurs). The alpha-hemolytic bacteria make the medium green in colour because of partial hemolysis. Beta-hemolytic bacteria cause complete hemolysis, which makes the medium clear.

udonbutterfly | Student

Blood agar is a  bright red and opaque medium that is used to accelerate the growth of medically-important fastidious bacteria. Blood agar is made of nutrients and a little bit of sheep blood. Blood agar is used to for cultivating fastidious organisms and for determining the hemolytic capabilities of an organism

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