What are the blank forms for consignment mentioned in chapter 4?

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The “blank forms” are actually lettres de cachet singed by the king to send anyone who has them to prison by writing in the prisoner’s name.

The blank forms were not literally blank.  This refers to the papers that were signed to send Dr. Manette to prison.  In other words, since the Monsieur St. Evremonde had the standing and money to get his hands on the forms, he had “the privilege of filling up blank forms for the consignment of any one to the oblivion of a prison for any length of time.” (Book 1, ch 5, pg. 17 of the enotes etext)

Dr. Manette did nothing wrong.  One of the reasons he is able to be released from prison, but also a reason he will need to be “recalled to life” since innocent men do sometimes have a harder time in prison.

The abuses of lettres de cachet by the French nobility was a cause of the French Revolution.

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