What does Blaine decide regarding his final act as clapper?

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Blaine, Mai, and Lev are all tasked with infiltrating one of the harvest camps, and their mission is to blow up the chop shop. It turns out that all three of them end up at the harvest camp where Connor, Roland, and Risa are at. In chapter 57, Blaine gives Lev and Mai some "Band-Aids;" however, Blaine explains that they are not actual Band-Aids. The small strips are detonators that ensure a clapper's clap will detonate like it is supposed to. Blaine is committed to the cause, and he successfully gets himself inside the harvest camp's chop shop. Readers are told that Blaine considers himself a "hardcore clapper," and he doesn't need detonators. He can clap hard enough to blow himself up; however, he can't seem to actually do it. He decides that he is going to blow himself up, but he is not going to be the first one to do it. I believe that is Blaine's actual final decision. He is discovered by a guard in chapter 65. Blaine tells the guard to stay back, but the guard does what he is trained to do with any unruly Unwind. The guard shoots Blaine with a tranquilizer dart, and that causes Blaine to explode.

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