What are some biographical facts about George Orwell that can connect to his book 1984?

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There several aspects of George Orwell’s life that relate directly to his novel 1984.

One of the more general and basic is that Orwell was a long term socialist. He was not, however, purely theoretical in his politics, but instead lived them first hand, fighting against Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

There are more specific links, though.

In 1984, Orwell paints vivid pictures of the poor in England. He was not born poor, but spent some time living and working among this class early in his life. (See Down and Out in Paris and London for details here.)

His heroes are charged with political crimes; Orwell was charged with treason for his actions in Spain.

There is a considerable amount of propaganda in in 1984, and commentary on how this propaganda affects people, history, and clear thinking. For a couple of years during World War II (1941-1943), Orwell worked for the British government essentially as a propagandist. He hated this experience, and when governments tried to reshape reality.

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