Native Son Questions and Answers
by Richard Wright

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In Richard Wright's Native Son, what is Bigger saying when he tells Gus that white folks live right down here in my stomach?

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Hello! You asked about Richard Wright's Native Son . Richard Wright is one of the most important African-American authors of the twentieth century. In the novel, Bigger Thomas, who is twenty years old, lives in a one room apartment with his mother, Mrs. Thomas, his brother, Buddy, and his little sister, Vera. In the beginning of the novel, the family's morning routine is disrupted by the presence of a rat. Both Bigger and Buddy eventually kill the rat, but Bigger teases Vera by swinging the huge, dead rat in front of her. She faints in fright and their mother is furious. She berates Bigger, and later on, when the family sits down to breakfast, she nags him again, telling him that...

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