What big events happen in the end of The Wednesday Wars?

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A lot happens in the final two months of The Wednesday Wars.  A lot happens to Holling and the people that he knows, and some big events happen in the history of the United States as well.  

In April, Holling runs in his first meet and wins his cross country race.  April also ushers in opening day at Yankee Stadium.  To say that Holling is excited to go in an understatement.  Unfortunately, Holling's dad forgot to pick him up.  Instead Mrs. Baker ends up taking Holling to the game.  The players recognize her as an Olympic athlete, and they allow Holling to come on the field.  He gets to run around the bases, play catch with Yankee players, and basically live out every baseball fan's fantasy.  There is one other big April event for Holling.  He has his first kiss.  On a country wide basis, the big event is Martin Luther King Jr. being shot. 

In May, Holling's sister runs away.  She gets stranded, and Holling is the person to send her money to bring her home.  Mr. Hoodhood loses the contract to renovate Yankee stadium.  Mrs. Baker's husband is found, and he returns home by the end of the book.  Lastly, Bobby Kennedy dies.   

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