What are Biff and Happy’s attitudes towards women? Select and fully explain 2 quotes about thisalso, why do Biff and Happy only show respect towards Linda but not other women?

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To answer the main question, Biff and Happy are womanizers, but not so much because they are are chauvinists. They are womanizers, however, simply because they are immature and have not had a chance to commit to anything in life, which is mainly why even something as normal as a human relationship is hard for them to achieve. Now, if they were true chauvinists, they would also be demanding and abusive of their mothers which, clearly, they are not. Notice how in the restaurant scene on Act 2, as they waited for Willy, Happy sent the waiter to give a glass of champagne to a woman who we can infer was an escort that was at the restaurant. He mentions to Biff how women like that are what prevent him from getting settled down.

In sum, imagine these two who are so codependent of the company of their parents while in their 30's creating a detachment and having to take care of a family unit on their own? It is very hard to fathom, and it is not really because they are bad, just "not ready".

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