What does the bible say about temptation, and how does it relate to stimuli control?

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In the book of Corinthians, Saul talks about temptation. He claims that God allows people to face temptations that they can overcome. According to the Bible, there is always a way of resisting temptation. Moreover, the Bible says that temptation occurs to everyone. Therefore, when reciting the Lord’s Prayer, Christians pray not to be “led into temptation.” In the book of Luke 22:40, Christians are advised to pray to avoid temptation. Therefore, the Bible implies that prayer can help one to overcome temptation.

In terms of temptation and positive stimulus control, temptation is the antecedent, prayer is the controlled behavior, and the outcome is overcoming temptation. A negative stimulus would be if a person does not pray and, therefore, cannot resist temptation. For these reasons, prayer is the stimulus when one is faced with temptation.

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